SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) has gained a lot of popularity as a marketing technique since more than a decade ago. Well, there are many valid reasons why SEO has become one of the most successful tools for marketing and advertising. New age marketing has gone through a lot of changes, mainly because there is a phenomenal change in the way you reach your target audience.

Here are some reasons why you should choose SEO strategies as your main marketing tool.

Chance to get in the top 5 results

Whenever any person in the world searches for anything on Google, they choose only from the top 5 results which appear on the search engine. With SEO, you can make your content appear among these top five searches and make it credible for your target audience. With the help of frequently used keywords, SEO specialists create content which will appear among top searches and seek popularity for your brand.

Everything is online

In today’s time, everything takes place online. From buying and selling, finding partners and dates, banking, paying bills and booking flights, everything happens online. So, if you want to make a big name out of your brand, you should obviously do it online. Search Engine Optimisation is a way through which you can market your businesses online in the best possible way.


SEO is one of the cheapest ways to advertise online. You only have to invest in the SEO team which you hire, but the results will be guaranteed. When you use other modes of advertisement, you are not really sure if it will grab the person’s attention but because SEO content is created using keywords, customer attention is guaranteed.

Marketing content through Social Media

Advertising on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, making paid advertisements on Google AdWords and Facebook is all a part of Search Engine Optimisation. If you have an advertisement which needs to be enhanced enough to be in the limelight in front of your target audience, you have to mix some SEO strategies while creating ads.

More reach

As mentioned above, everything happens online. An average internet user spends two to three hours on internet every day. Be it for browsing social media, shopping or any other tasks, internet is a part of everyone’s life now. So, more reach is definitely assured when you optimise your content and get more visibility to it on the internet.